I Want All Of  These . . .  "Save Me Some"
"Save Me Some" . . .
Simple . . . Easy . . . Fast
What is the "Save Me Some Program" ?
This is a new idea which we started the summer 2006. It is an easy way for you to
have those garden plants, asparagus roots and garden teas when you want them
in Spring 2017.
            How To Order and "Save Me Some"
Have Questions: 3 Easy Ways To Find the Answer To Your Questions!!
     "Save Me Some Plants/Root 2017"
 Buy Asparagus Plants
By The Asparagus Gardener !
2. Email:
3.  Call:          (931) 946-2030
Where To Buy Asparagus Plants Roots Crowns For Sale.
Email In Order  -- Make Payment Via Pay Pal  With Credit Card
1. No Pay Pal account necessary
2. Go to Pay Pal .com
3. Click on "Send Money"
4. Use this email address  StinknRose@asparagusgardener.com
Mail - In  Order Form -- Make Payment  Via Check/ Money Order
1. Mail to:
Asparagus Gardener
PO 467
Pikeville, Tennessee  37367

Contact: 931-254-0972
           423- 881-3331
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