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Most gardeners prefer the deep red petiole, but these Rhubarb
plants are often less productive than the greener varieties.

Rhubarb plants need very little care  and they usually do not suffer from
diseases and pests.  So easy to grow. A must have "no care" garden
The first shoots to appear in the spring are edible petioles (stalk that
attachés the leaf blade to the stem).
The petiole is the transition between the stem and the leaf blade do not
eat the leaves.
Rhubarb is a delightful plant and so easy to grow. Rhubarb a great
perennial plant  that will provide you with many  years of great harvest.
Rhubarb  plant structure is fairly simple. It has rhizome (root), leaves and
petioles and flowers.
German Wine - green petioles, similar to Victoria but slightly more
vigorous and more intense in color, typically with a darker Pink speckling
on a green stem
to keep the plant alive during the time of extreme cold weather. If
Rhubarb is  planted in a container you would need to either bury the
Rhubarb and container in the ground for the winter months.

Or bring the Rhubarb  plant container inside into a cold cellar or into an
outdoor building such as an unheated garage or a shed with a more
moderate temperature during the winter months.
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