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Comfrey  - Symphytum Officinale
    The Travelers' Plant
Where To Plant Comfrey
Soil Requirements
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The "goal"  is to dry the Comfrey  with out the leaves turning brown. Here’s an easy
way to dry your Comfrey.

tacks (thumb tacks)
suitable place in the sun and another suitable place indoors in the shade.

Hang on String or Thread:
The plan is to hang the Comfrey up. Use  thumb tacks pushed into wood (i.e. the deck
railing, between trees). Choose a nice location where they will be in the sun and safe
from pests.

Cut a length of thread and  double the  thread and put it on the needle. Then tie a loop in
the end. This loop will go on one of the tacks.

When TO Cut :
When the morning dew has evaporated from the plants cut your Comfrey, taking care
not to bruise the leaves.
Carefully remove the leaves from the stem. Take your threaded needle and push it
through the center vein of the leaf .

Continue doing that with the rest of the leaves until you have a nice, but manageable,
number of leaves on the thread.
Then tie a loop in the other end of the thread so that you can loop it onto another tack
and suspend the whole weight over the leaves and thread. Spread the leaves out
evenly along the thread so that they get good air flow around them.
Leave this to hang in the sun all day.
Before the dew comes again in the evening take the leaves down and bring them inside
where you will hang them up somewhere safe to finish the process.

Store in Jar:
When your Comfrey is dry it will crush easily in your hands. You can test its dryness by
putting some in a sealed glass jar in the sun. If moisture develops on the side of the
inside of the jar, then the Comfrey isn’t quite dry enough.

Store your dried Comfrey in a cool dark place in a sealed glass jar to promote the
longest shelf life.
Now you have your Comfrey leaves ready to use even in the winter.
Drying Comfrey Fast and Easy Method:
Comfry Plants For Sale.
Dry and use all winter.
Soil pH - 2
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