Planting / Growing Asparagus Roots and Crowns
"I am   Stink'n  Rose   from . . .  
"Goodness  sakes  alive   woman . . ."
"Who   Are   You . . . " ?  What's all this stuff
growing in my Asparagus Fields?"
How am I going to have Asparagus Roots for
Strung  Out  On  Beads
"I make Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry".
"Why are you wearing a Birthday hat" ?
"Are you the guy from Burger King" ?
"No,   I am . . .  Arthur".
"And  I   am   c -r -a -z -y  about
a-s-p-a-r-a-g-u-s  plants roots and crowns".
"Would  you  like  to  stay  for  lunch" ?
"You  could  listen .  .  .  while  I   tell   everyone   about
Where to Buy Asparagus  plants,  crowns  and  roots . . . "
Asparagus Plants Roots For Sale. Buy
Asparagus By the Asparagus Gardener.
An Asparagus Farm like no other.
"The asparagus looks so delicious . . . "

I want to Buy  2 or 3 yrs old Asparagus Plants and Crowns. I
want to plant Asparagus and pick them in
3 weeks."
"I could make you a handcrafted beaded hat . . .
while  you  tell  us  all  
 about  Asparagus Plants Crowns For
Sale. And how to
buy and grow  asparagus  plants roots /
"Me too . . .

"Wanna hold hands"?      0  ! 0
.......................                            V        
I like Asparagus Garden Tea" . . .
"We will grow into a healthy Asparagus
Plants Roots for sale . . .
Just water us and give us a some
Asparagus  Garden Tea . . .
"Asparagus Recipes".
Click on the Chef.
Guinea Hens
Asparagus goes great with Farm Fresh Guinea
Hens. Fresh Guinea Hens Eggs available.
Eggs for those that can't have chicken eggs.
Must Read Before  Ordering
Click On Postman
"I  dropped all my beads out of my bag.
And all kinds of stuff just started growing".
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Asparagus For You Recipes
Click Picture for Buy
Asparagus Roots and Crowns
For You.
Click on the white diamond
Harvest Fresh Asparagus Spears In 3 Weeks
Plant Asparagus this Fall  and Harvest Asparagus Next Spring.
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