Jersey   Giant Asparagus Crowns
Plants are sold as live plants and not as bare roots. They are packages to make the trip to your garden with little stress
and arrive in excellent planting condition.
Heirloom Asparagus have nice straight strong spears. They can be harvested for 8-10 weeks. They produce as many
spears as the Supreme of Jersey Knight. Heirloom Asparagus  are ideal for making  Asparagus Bread, Stews, or Stuffed
with Sea Food and rolled in sour dough . Check out the
recipe page.
Minimum Order - 25 -  Asparagus

Asparagus -  Georgia  Community Gardeners

We are Community Gardeners. We gather together to plant Asparagus and other veggies. Here we can enjoy each
other in a peaceful non stressful environment. And grow some Asparagus for someone who can't . . .It surely is a
joyful experience.

We grew Jersey Knight Asparagus last season. They grew very well for us. The Jersey Knight are thinner than the
other varieties. They are sweet and tender. Tye is stir fry specialist. His secrets to sweet tender Asparagus is olive
oil, oregano, high cooking temperature, butter and sea salt. We plant garlic in between the Asparagus to protect
our Asparagus. So far it has helped a lot.

The ladies like to make salads and use the Jersey Knight for pickling.  John breads the spears and makes extra
for the freezer.

The Jersey Knight produce a few less spears per plant than the other varieties. The Jersey Knight variety make
about 5 spears per plant. However they are not already at the same time for harvesting. The ones that are not
picking size ( 7 - 9 inches) will be ready in a week or so. The Jersey Knight are sweet and tender as all the other
varieties of Asparagus. It really doesn't matter which variety of Asparagus you plant. Just prepare you soil
properly and all varieties are carefree and easy to grow. If you have clay in your gardening soil, remove it as best
you can and fill in with compost and sand. Do the
"water drainage perk  test"  when your done.

The Test goes like this . . . dig a hole 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide. Then fill the hole up with water. Then time it -- if
there is water standing in the hole 2 hours later you will need to adjust the drainage in your gardening area.
Adjusting  the drainage is easy to do sometimes just adding sand will make the difference. This season I am
adding more
garlic that really works when trying to keeps bugs out of the garden.

Looks like the vote is in . . .  we will be adding  Jersey Supreme and Jersey Giant  to our Community Garden in

We always grow more than we can use so we can give to those that can't not garden.
Start a Community Garden in your area and enjoy meeting new gardening friends and share
the harvest.

Plant a Community Garden grow some Jersey Asparagus for someone who can't . . . it surely is a
joyful experience.
"My Walking Onions are gone". Looks like they will be
back -- they left their shoes."
Thank goodness.
Heirloom  Asparagus Crowns- Roots
"Gardening is my passion. It is a nice contrast from the busy hectic
week at the office. My Asparagus beds have the varieties of Jersey
Knight, Giant, Supreme Asparagus growing".

"I am adding Heirloom this season. My family can't believe the
Heirloom grow so fast. So I can't wait  to eat them  up."
Danny from Grapevine, Texas
I like Heirloom Asparagus. Easy to grow and plentiful. I use the Asparagus Tea
from early Spring till Fall. When Fall comes I don't feed the Asparagus any more as
they are preparing to go dormant. The Tea feeds the Asparagus roots and the
garlic  protects the spears  from bugs and rodents.
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