How To  Plant Garlic. . . 3  Fast and Easy Steps  . . .  
STEP  3:
Elephant Garlic:     Allium  Ampeloprasum
Fertilizing:    Use a 10-10-10  /  3 lbs per /100 sq ft. side-dress with  
aged compost  in the fall when they start to come out   of the soil.
In the Spring fertilize again up till May. Any more fertilizer will
actual decrease the bulb size. Also user an
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Elephant Garlic Clove. Soil pH 1/2
the size of your hand.
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1. When the third set of leaves turn yellow and brown.

2. Or when the Garlic plants are  laying over on their side and it looks like a wind
storm went  .
3. Remove some of the soil and check that the bulb is completely formed.

4. Then just pull the garlic plant out of the soil.

5.  Leaves the roots and stems on and bunch them together .

6.  Hang the bunches garlic up so that the air can circulate around it.

7.  Or lay them on a screen and let them dry out for about 3 weeks.

8.  After the curing process cut the roots and stems off and store.
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