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"I'll be bow-legged by time I get threw
all these asparagus plants".
Amish Gardening:
This portal allows gardeners to search for sites under a dozen specific gardening categories ...
Pepper Joe's  Hot Pepper Seed Catalog specializing in rare and
unusual seeds. 100% organic. Check out FREE pepper-postcards
and take our "Chilehead Trivia Test".
More Great Gardening Stuff:  
World's Greatest Encyclodionalmanacapedia
It is a comprehensive reference encylo* diction *almanac*. For example, type in any word "Asparagus" and it
will give you detailed information on not only "Asparagus" but any subject you type in.
Gardening And Lawn Care
Your one stop for all your lawn care tips and know-how. Contains a collection of articles on lawn maintenance tips and advice. Plus ideas for anyone interested in gardening.
Recipe Goldmine - Recipes, crafts, culinary dictionary, kitchen charts, food preparation techniques, BBQ guru, gardening with Gary and more.
How to grow green beans in your home garden. How to can and freeze fresh
green beans. Tasty and healthy green bean recipes.
Looking for a metal wine rack? Wine Rack Store has a huge selection to choose from.
Amish Wares -
Old Order Amish handmade products to brighten and enlighten your primitive country decor. Horse
drawn buggy wood wagon wheels, buckboard, wheelbarrow, rustic furniture, fine furniture, baskets,
quilts, birdhouses, birdfeeders, nautical themed products, landscape items for home and garden.
Unique gift ideas under $20 for friends, family, or office.
A HREF="" TARGET="_blank" TITLE="Amish Gourds – Bird
House Craft and Dried, Clean Gourds">Amish Gourds – Bird House Craft and Dried, Clean
Gourds</A> - Offers a variety of hard shell gourds for painting, carving and burning. Buy a
hand painted gourd bird house or make your own. Craft supplies, pattern books, and
Purple Martin gourd houses for sale.<BR> - Easy to follow instructions on how to create and maintain your first Bonsai.
Pictures and care information on New Zealand native Bonsai.
Casa De Pottery - Mexican pottery is our specialty. Casa De Pottery offers a vast array of mexican pottery,garden pottery and large garden planters. All of our pottery is hand painted on 100% terra cota clay pots and planters.
Mole Control, Gopher Control, Vole Control...
Burrowing critter control is our specialty. We use a new, innovative approach to control Gophers, Moles, Voles, or any other burrowing animal. Guaranteed, or your money back! The Crittergetter is non-pest specific; it will remove any burrowing pest.
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