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Artichokes as Annual
Mid summer to Fall. Harvest Till Fall
Artichokes Are Heavy Feeders -- When To Fertilize:
Preserving Artichoke Plants For The Winter
For those that planted in outside garden. Before the first frost yet you
want to make sure that cooler temperatures are forth coming.

First, cut your Artichoke plants to 15 inches.

Second, then take and bend the stalk to the ground.

Third, mix into the soil 1 1/2 cups of fertilizer per plant.

Fourth,  place 4 inches of mulch on the plant. You may have to weight
down the stalk at first to keep it bent over.

Fifth,  add 8 inches of straw on top of the mulch. Sixth, place a tarp
over the plants.  Give moderate drink once a month till ground is
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